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Your home would be good for refreshment? Or maybe you need a quick repair, for example plumbing? If you do not have the right amount for this purpose, it is worth considering a payday loan.

Among the goals for which Poles often take out payday loans, there are renovations. It is known that even a superficial refreshment of one room can cost over a thousand zlotys, and if we want to renovate a bathroom or a new kitchen equipment, we can expect an expense of the order of several thousand up. When renovation can no longer wait, and we do not have adequate funds for this purpose, in such a situation the best solution is to take a quick payday loan.

Where to get a good payday loan for renovation?

If a payday loan is needed to renovate an apartment or house, we should get acquainted with various offers at the very beginning. Taking a payday loan from the first bank is not a good move, because only after the comparison we will be able to determine exactly where the most attractive installment, cash or mortgage payday loan will be waiting for us.

The bank will expect us to submit relevant proofs of earnings. It is best to have a contract of employment then, to receive a pension or retirement. When we work on the basis of civil law contracts, the bank may request delivery of contracts from a designated period in order to calculate our creditworthiness. In addition, we can not count on funds if we have a negative history in and other debtors’ databases.

When we do not meet the requirements of banks, in such a situation we can apply for a non-bank payday loan. Then we can receive money on more favorable terms, for example, without having to present documents confirming income. What’s more, we can also apply for a payday loan online, which means that we can settle everything without leaving home.

A payday loan for refurbishment – cash or mortgage?

Much depends on how much money we will need for renovation. Therefore, before choosing an appropriate payday loan offer, we should calculate what costs we will have to reckon with. We will also have to add labor costs to the costs of materials if we want to use the help of the renovation team.

When the estimated costs amount to approx. PLN 20 thousand, we can simply take a cash payday loan at the bank. However, if we need a larger sum, it is worth thinking about a mortgage payday loan – thanks to it we can get such a large sum and a more attractive interest rate than with cash payday loans, because then the collateral will be a mortgage. Of course, we must be aware that arrears in payment of installments may lead to the lender taking over the property.

If we need PLN 10,000 for the modernization of the flat, for example for the renovation of a bathroom or kitchen, we can also decide to install a non-bank payday loan. Such a payday loan can be spread even for 24 installments and then you can easily pay off without straining the monthly household budget.

In the case of smaller repairs and lower amounts in the order of 2000-3000, you can think about a time out, but it is worth remembering that its repayment usually has to take place within 15-30 days, and in some companies – up to 60 days. Therefore, if we know that we will not get enough money to repay the payday loan in such a short time, an installment payday loan will be better, which is also available in a similar amount.

If you are looking for a cash payday loan for renovation that will tell your needs fully, check out the Aasa installment payday loan now. For our clients, we have prepared an attractive offer of online payday loans up to PLN 10,000, with repayment spread even for 24 months. You can submit an application now.