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Is it possible to invest in new ideas with a payday loan of 20,000 euros? ✅ Is it necessary to be a genius to make money?

Of course knowing how to invest a payday loan of 20,000 euros can achieve a good idea. We believe that more than being a genius to make money, it is necessary to have initiative to carry out a good project.

Jorge was always a very intelligent boy, as a child he built devices for everything. An Overcraft made of anime that went up and down stairs 10 centimeters from the ground. Mansions with majestic rooms for their hamsters that lasted less, than the home that inhabited them. Containers with plasticine that were used as a counterweight for once the cassette jumped off the player without further intervention. An infinity of sterile inventions to keep his mind occupied and to be able to evade the reality that surrounded him. Abysmal poverty and extreme loneliness. They were his mother and he was against the world, but his mother had two jobs and the father never existed. He spent alone at home while his mother worked with the laburo day and night. Who would have had a payday loan of 20,000 euros to invest them in a good invention and take their mom out of extreme poverty.

A payday loan of 20000 euros to have a comfortable and decent house. With a payday loan of 20,000 euros, I would have had a TV, hot water. With a payday loan of 20,000 euros, her mother would not have left her hands stuck washing the three rags they had to get dressed. A payday loan of 20,000 euros so that his mother would really live with him and not get a stubble of being human. A payday loan of 20,000 euros to simply have a life!

Payday loan of 20000 euros to get out of poverty

Jorge is graduating from high school, his mother could not go because at work they did not give him permission. All the boys are in their best clothes and their parents are proud to have a high school son. Everyone takes photos with the official photographer of the event, in groups, alone, with their parents. Jorge sees the bulls from the barrier, weeping, with his threadbare clothes, if he had had the same money he would not have paid for the photos to see his image as a defeated solitaire. If only I had had a payday loan of 20,000 euros, I was not thinking about the convenience of a nuclear explosion, right now and at home. What would erase it from the face of the earth and where would it be like that? Sure, with his luck, he would reincarnate in a thicket, in a place where the rain would be his best wish.

Once at home he begins to think about what he is going to do with his life. He would like to be an engineer but he does not have a payday loan of 20,000 euros to fulfill his wish. If only I had a payday loan of 20,000 euros I would leave that pigsty in two nanoseconds. Her mother comes home from work with a piece of cheesecake to celebrate her graduation. He eats it with kisses and reminds him that the work phone is restricted for management. That’s why he could not call it, but he invites him to the cinema at the end of the month as a graduation gift. The delicious cake goes through your taste buds exploding in full flavor. The culinary ecstasy fills him with happiness and he is happy. Yes, he is happy, his mom hugs him and they go to bed together. Thus the dawn finds them, happy and embraced, with the tenderness in the skin!

Payday loan 20000 to materialize an idea

Jorge gets up and his mother has already gone to work. She still has the feeling of her mother’s love surrounding her soul, the cheese cake was the best! Content is shaking the lagañas and reaches the kitchen. Turn on one of the two electric burners and start to heat water, look for your tea bag and add it to the pot. The only thing he now has in his mind is “I need money.” Tea is served and he begins to read a book by Kurt Vonnegut: “God Bless You Mr. Rosewater Or Casting Margaritas to The Pigs” that he just took from the National Library of Spain . But he can not concentrate, he must do something to change his destiny and that of his mother. Now that he has no school, what will he do? Will you look for a job selling lingerie? Still imbued in your thoughts …

Drinking her tea, she asks herself, “Why do not you have tea bags with no coffee? Could it be that they do not work the same?” But why? If you total the coffee colanders from the coffee machines that are in the office where your mother works, they are paper like a napkin. Why can not you make coffee bags with the same material as those cones that are placed in electric coffee machines? Jorge believes that it is a viable and very commercial idea. Can you imagine yourself on the airlines? Jorge moves his mind to an airplane chair. Miss I like the strong coffee, mine with two bags please (says the flight attendant). She serves him hot water in a small glass and gives him the two bags of coffee. He puts them inside the glass and the delicious black liquid comes out, which can make his dream come true.

Payday loan 20000 euros to build ambitions

Jorge looks forward to his mother’s arrival from work and poses; It’s time to ask for a payday loan of 20,000 euros to carry out your idea. You must bring a pair of permeable paper cones tomorrow to carry out your plan. His mom brings him a couple of cones from work the next day. He trims them in small squares, places coffee inside them and sews them around. He submerges them in hot water and effectively the water is dyed black and this time it will not be the color of his destiny. That same night his mother and he are asking for a payday loan of 20,000 euros for the cell phone of his neighbor, total mom has never been. They are approved in a heartbeat and happy they begin to make their plan. A payday loan of 20,000 euros to build an idea, a payday loan of 20,000 euros to have a life.

They turned their house into a small workshop full of tubular reels of permeable paper. A payday loan of 20,000 euros for a machine that cuts and seals the paper sachets. A 20000 euro payday loan that was used for another machine that doses the coffee that falls into the paper cylinder, then manually place it in the sealer. His mother works with him and a strong guy who hired them, thanks to the payday loan of 20,000 euros. The mobile phone rings (newly purchased) and is in charge of marketing a famous airline. He makes an astronomical request, Jorge tightens the Smartphone and shares the news to his work colleagues. Jubilants celebrate the direct path to a life. Yes, it’s time to have a life and this time, a very good one!